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”A musical mix of acoustic

and electronic indie pop”


The members of Fågelvägen met in their late teens but had, in spite of their close friendships and separately being part of many musical projects, not played together as a band before 2017. By then, Tulda and Wendela had been writing and playing music as a duo under the name Fågelvägen for three years. Debut-EP Flyktfåglar, recorded while the band was still a duo, was released in 2017.


With Jonathan and Tomas in the band what had up until then been a pop-folky singer-songwriter sound soon developed into the musical mix of acoustic and electronic indie pop that it is today.

In 2022 Tulda took time off to parent and the newest member, base player Malin Näslund, joined the band.



Jonathan Kabell, Tomas Larsson, Malin Näslund and Wendela Löfquist.

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